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Litigation and Arbitration
The dispute solution field represented as the lawsuit and arbitration is the basis for all legal businesses.
Law Firm MYUNG JIN has successfully treated the disputes related to the finance and real estate, which are frequently occurred in recent, and we will take the strategical counteraction expecting in advance the related procedures/process from the early time of the case through the relevant experience.
Business Field
  • Preservative measure and Lawsuit related to the dispute for the finance and real estate
  • Arbitration and lawsuit with the client of the civil Investment project
  • Lawsuit for the dispute among the consortium members
  • Lawsuit for the construction amount against the project developer, lawsuit for the subcontract amount of the subcontractor, lawsuit for the service fee and etc.
  • Revival and bankruptcy process relative to the insolvency of the project participant
  • Other lawsuit related to the construction and finance
  • Arbitration and lawsuit related to the international trade
  • General civil, criminal and administrative lawsuit