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Social Overhead Capital
As for the construction business field of the infrastructures called Social Overhead Capital (SOC), the legal consulting has to be acquainted with not only the legal knowledge but also the background knowledge and the common practices of transaction for the project, and it requires the ability to make the efficient communication with lots of the parties concerned and the advisory bodies.
Law Firm MYUNG JIN has piled the various expert knowledge for not only the preparation of SOC project-related contract but also the replacement of the work execution, report of the reorganization claim, and the lawsuit arbitration business for the company implementing the project and etc.
Businee Field
  • BTO project for every facility such as road, tunnel, bridge, port, environmental facility and etc.
  • BTL project for every facility such as school, military family housing & barracks, environmental facility, hospital, library and etc.
  • Power generating project such as group energy and etc.
  • Renewable energy project such as solar power, wind power and etc.
  • Overseas resources development project
  • Private Investment business for the private university
  • Other project ordered by the nation, local government or public enterprise that is executed by adopting the private Investment business procedures.
Detailed Business
  • Business for establishment of SOC project Investment fund
  • Consulting for the contractual position move and the stock transfer relative to replacement of the participating company
  • Lawsuit and arbitration business related to the business
  • Business related to the loan and Investment for the company relative to the overseas SOC and energy
  • Preparation of the agreement for execution and its negotiation
  • Establishment of SPC, and preparation of the agreement of stockholders among SPC investors
  • Preparation of the contract relative to the fund procurement such as loan agreement and etc.
  • Preparation of the contract with the business operators such as contract for construction work, contract for management/operation and etc.