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Asset Backed Loan
As the asset backed loan, namely, ABL finance, is the finance method that securitizes and fluidizes the receivables, movable assets and other assets, especially, it is mostly linked to every trust system, and it is the field that the legal discussion and the systematical/practical discussion for this are being recently made in an active way.
Law Firm MYUNG JIN has newly composed every structure at the cutting edge of such ABL finance and piled the high-level expert knowledge for the trust-related law/precedent and other practical attitude.
Business Field
  • Future accounts receivable ABL of the manufacturer, distributor, hospital and every other company
  • ABL related to the real estate project
  • ABL related to every performance business
  • Credit sale receivables ABL, and ABL in the trust method as per the guideline relative to the P2P finance
  • ABL in the trust method for the purpose of the fund management
  • ABL related to the inventories and warehouse assets
  • Consulting for establishment and operation of ABL-related SPC
Detailed Business
  • Preparation of the loan agreement, trust contract and asset-backed contract
  • Consulting related to the monetary receivables trust, securities trust and other trust
  • Consulting for every requirement for establishment and requirement for counteraction relative to ABL finance, and for other legal/practical affairs
  • Consulting for the normalization related to the revival procedures/workout procedures for the party concerned of ABL finance
  • Analysis of the right for the bad ABL bill and presentation of other solution