Professional excellence

Myungjin will provide professional legal services.

Corporate Advisory
The corporate general consulting and M&A consulting require the comprehensive understanding for the overall corporate law and the related law/system on the characteristics, and these also require the concentrated legal review based on the civil/criminal and administrative expert knowledge per individual issue.
Law Firm MYUNG JIN has executed the specialized legal service for the corporate general consulting and M&A consulting based on the deep understanding and all the ardor of the youth for the corporate general.
Business Field
Corporate general
  • Consulting for the company establishment
  • Preparation of every contract related to establishment of the joint venture company and foreign investment company and the consulting for the related procedures
  • Consulting related to operation of the general meeting of stockholders and board of directors
  • Consulting and litigation business related to the dispute for the management right
  • Consulting related to the domestic/overseas contract for commercial trade
  • Consulting for all legal matters related to the business activity of the company (Labor, taxation, fair trade, license/permit, every regulatory act)
  • Consulting related to the fund procurement of the company such as issue of new stocks, issue of the company bond and etc.
  • Preparation of the English contract related to the overseas trade
Company M&A
  • Merger/acquisition/partition of the company
  • Stock transfer, business transfer and acquisition of the assets/debts
  • Legal consulting related to establishment, operation and extinction of PEF and SPAC