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Asset Backed Securities, Commercial Paper, Bonds
Since the law on asset-backed securitization was established, the asset-backed finance has explosively been grown. Such types are ABS finance that is the typical fluidization trade as per the law on asset-backed securitization, and also ABCP finance, private equity finance and etc. as the atypical fluidization trade not conforming to the said law, and this requires also the high-grade of understanding for the related special law and the practical business.
Law Firm MYUNG JIN has set up and organized every structure of such asset-backed securitization and securities finance, and piled the high-grade of expert knowledge for the law/precedent and other practical attitude related to the asset-backed securitization and other securities finance.
Business Field
  • Fluidization trade of every NPL receivables
  • Fluidization trade related to Boo-Off of every commercial trade receivables
  • Fluidization trade related to the real estate PF Project
  • Secured Fluidization trade of every Public enterprise or Public organization
  • Fluidization trade of domestic and overseas deposit, CDS Fluidization trade
  • Consulting related to establishment, operation, extinction of the Fluidization-specialized limited liability company to SPC
Detailed Business
  • Preparation of every fluidization contract
  • Consulting related to the true sale, book-off and other asset fluidization trade
  • Consulting for every requirement for effectiveness and counteraction, and other legal/practical matters
  • Consulting for the registered fluidization trade and unregistered fluidization trade per type
  • Consulting related to establishment and operation of the fluidization-specialized limited liability company and SPC
  • Dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy business related to extinction of the fluidization-specialized limited liability company and SPC