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Real Estate Project Finance
The real estate development finance requires the expert knowledges for the type of the development project & the process stage of the project, delicate customized structural analysis & understanding of the practical cases as per the characteristics of the real estate and the related vast laws. Law Firm MYUNG JIN has executed the real estate development project in various ways, and piled the high-grade expert knowledge for the related legal system organizing the components of the development project such as not only every kind of special laws but also trust of the real estate, group-related system and etc., and the adjacent legal field such as bankruptcy law system for normalization of the bad company in the development finance. And based on such knowledge and experience, we have organized lots of real estate development finance structures and also managed/operated these.
Business Field
  • PF Project for every facility such as apartment & other multi-unit dwellings, arcade, office, knowledge industrial center, golf course, hotel and etc.
  • Redevelopment/reconstruction Project, regional housing cooperative Project
  • Public contest type of PF Project ordered by the nation, local government or Public enterprise
  • Development Project such as industrial complex/enterprise city and etc., Development Project such as historical and station-influenced area and etc.
  • Consulting for establishment/operation of the group related to the real estate Development Project, Consulting for PFV Project
  • Consulting for the trust of every real state
  • Every fluidized finance related to the real estate PF
  • Consulting for restructuring of the real estate PF, Consulting for transfer of the bad workplace and for normalization of others
Detailed Business
  • Preparation of the loan agreement for the bridge loan, main PF, refinancing and etc.
  • Preparation of the Project agreement made between the parties concerned of the Project
  • Preparation and review of the trust contract and Consulting for the trust related to the real estate
  • Consulting related to the legal position, establishment and operation of the related group such as Redevelopment/ reconstruction Project, regional housing cooperative Project, PFV and etc.
  • Preparation of every agreement and etc. such as business agreement with the nation and local government or Public enterprise
  • Preparation of the related contract in case of procuring the fund through the fluidized finance such as ABS, ABCP and etc.
  • Consulting for normalization of the company related to the revival/workout procedures of the party concerned of the Development Project such as developer, constructor and etc.
  • Analysis of the right for the bad workplace and presentation of other solution